Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Day in a local Ration Shop

Hi friends! My day today kicked off with a really strong cup of coffee. I was wondering why my grandma gave me such an unusually strong dose of coffee. Then came the orders from her. She wanted me to go to a nearby ration shop to buy 10 kgs of rice. Even though the shop was nearby, I protested about going there because i knew about the commotion that i was about to experience. But I had no option because my younger brother had gone out. Otherwise I would have bullied him into doing the job. When I went there, my head almost started spinning when I saw the long queue in front of me. I stood last in the queue behind an elderly man. He was so old, people in the crowd were wondering why at this age he had to come here and stand in the hot sun. Suddenly he fell down on the ground and we had to buy him cool drinks to make him regain consciousness. The hot Sun was getting to everybody. Then we decided to make him rest under a tree and also to buy him whatever he wanted to buy instead of making him toil. He smiled at us and the token of gratitude was clear in his face. Finally after 2 long hours(The Heat made it seem like 4 hours actually) it was my turn to buy and i made my purchase and also for the old man. When i returned home and gave the bags to my grandma, She gave me a pleasant surprise by preparing my favorite dish(vegetable noodles).i was very happy because not only did i end up helping out an elderly person but also I enjoyed eating my favorite dish. In that sense, the 2 hour toil was certainly worthy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What separates the Best from the Rest?

Sometimes I wonder what winners do that separates them from the also-rans. The answer is quite simple if you think about it. They just want it more. Of course, natural talent plays a part. But talent alone can take you only so long. If you want to take the next step, its upto you to work harder and smarter than the rest. When that famous cyclist Lance Armstrong was asked how he managed to win Tour de France supposedly the toughest race on the circuit he replied its just that he wanted it more. He added that he went for practise on the Eve of Christmas rather than chilling out at home. Thats what separates the best from the Best.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Greatest rivalry in Tennis

Hi friends!Tennis being an individual sport ,it requires a rivalry in every decade to keep the popularity of the game going. And as such we have seen rivalries between the likes of Bjorn borg and the indomitable Jimmy Connors , Sampras and Agassi, Graf and Seles for examples and the list goes on.But which one is the greatest? Well if You ask me its got to be Sampras Vs Agassi. Simply because Tennis becomes a spectacle to watch when styles clash.In this regard, Sampras with his extragavant serve and volley game and Agassi with his Baseline bashing style reached heights only a few can even imagine.But the great news is Tennis has found itself a new rivalry that has captured the imagination of fans the world over. ya, am talking about the Nadal Vs Federer matchup of course.It has assumed even greater proportions with Nadal winning Wimbledon on supposedly his least favoured surface of grass and snatching number 1 ranking from fedex(nickname of federer) after a long reign.But not the one to give up without a fight fedex stormed back to win the US open.Even though rafa has a huge lead in their head - head,their matches have almost always been pulse -raising and gone to the wire.But will this rivalry match the one between Sampras and Agassi?only time will tell.Tennis fanatics all over the world including Yours truly will be hoping it does.